Raising Attention

The obsession over eyebrows is raising attention. Eyebrows seem to be the latest trend. They are no longer just hair on your face; they are now a statement.

Eyebrows can shape and highlight your face.

But, if not groomed and given the attention needed, they can do more harm than help. My friend, Kally Gordon, never use to correctly tweeze or shape her eyebrows. Never giving them the attention and proper care needed, she barely had any eyebrows.

“Growing up in a small town, I didn’t really follow what was trending in fashion or beauty. Once I got to OSU, I started noticing what was trending. I saw that I needed to start caring for myself.” – Gordon

This past year, she went through the process of growing out her eyebrows without tweezing them. After four months of growing them out, a professional worked some magic. She now has eyebrows that are full and shaped correctly for her face, which show the long process is worth it.

There is power in the brow.

Taking extra time and care for eyebrows can be a direct reflection of how you view and take care of yourself. Look better, feel better, ladies! Change can be intimidating, but put down the tweezers and let the professionals do the work! Let’s be confidently beautiful together.

“My eyebrows have allowed me to take my own beauty and make me the best version of myself that I can be.” – Gordon

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